The 24th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for the Study of
Surgical Techniques for Spine and Spinal Nerves (JPSTSS)
Greeting from President

Akiyoshi Yamazaki, MD

It is my great honor to have the 24th Annual meeting of JPSTSS in Niigata for the first time. The first meeting of the society was held in 1994 to study the surgical techniques of the spine and spinal nerves. This society was founded to offer a venue for Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons to interact and exchange ideas, knowledge and surgical techniques about the spine and spinal nerves. Today, the international society’s relevance, academic and practical application should continue to be up to date and at par with the Global standards. The members should free themselves from old tradition, specialization and organizations and work towards a common goal to advance spinal surgery. This meeting is specialized for surgical technique and skill, so many surgeons are invited to present new concepts and techniques.
The proposed theme of our upcoming meeting is “Challenge for Breakthrough”. Everyday we spend most of our time in the operating room and every second spent here is a continuation of these challenges. As surgeons, it is our mission to make breakthroughs based on our daily experiences. We propose the following main topics for our next meeting: spinal deformities, minimally invasive surgeries, osteoporosis, trauma, infection, tumor, spinal nerves, novel techniques and technology and complications. The program will also have 2 international symposia. The first one is regarding spinal deformity while the second will be on the surgical management and prevention of vertebral artery injury. Especially on the 2nd symposium, we can expect to learn a great deal of practical and useful knowledge from neurosurgeons. The symposia will likewise be attended by 2 renowned spine surgeons, Dr. Martin Gehrchen (Copenhagen National Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark) for spinal deformities and Dr. Peter Vajkoczy (Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Germany) for cervical degenerative diseases. Many other international guests and Japanese experts will join the meeting and provide us with invaluable lectures. This meeting will provide a wonderful opportunity to learn the most up to date information and have discussions with experts around the world.

Known as the beautiful “City of Water”, Niigata is equipped with an international airport and harbor serving as a gateway for Russia and neighboring north Asian countries. My hometown is located at the heart of mainland Japan. By airplane, it takes 1 hour from Osaka and Nagoya, 1h 15 min from Sapporo and 1h 40 min from Fukuoka. From Tokyo, you may reach Niigata in just 2 hours via the bullet train. The venue is located by the harbor at which Shinano, the longest river in Japan, is just running out to Japan Sea. From there, we can see the historic Sado Island. In late September, the weather condition is perfect for visiting. You can appreciate Niigata’s natural beauty exemplified by our majestic mountains and sea and other bodies of water. Our fertile lands produce the best rice and various rice-based products like sushi and sake. You can enjoy our fresh seafood and delicious meat while chatting with Japan’s most beautiful women. You are all welcome to join us. See you in Niigata!

January 2017
The 24th Annual meeting of JPSTSS
President Akiyoshi Yamazaki, MD