International symposium1 on 22 Sept. (Friday) 

Surgical management of adult spinal deformities -Merits and demerits


Dr. Shigeo Sano (Sanraku Spine Center, Tokyo)

Dr.Toru Hirano (Niigata Univ. Niigata)


Dr.John Hutchinson (Bristol,UK)

Dr.Sebastien Charosky (Toulouse,France)

Dr.Martin Gehrchen (Copenhagen,Denmark)

Dr.Yusuke Nakao (Sanraku Spine Center,Tokyo):PSO in multistages

Dr.Tomoaki Toyone (Showa Univ.Tokyo):PSO

Dr.Takanori Saito (Kansai Medical Univ.Osaka):LIF&PPS Purpose of Symposium 1 President 

Dr.Akiyoshi Yamazaki,

Due to aging of society adult spinal deformity is getting more popular and more severe. At the same time, comorbid diseases are increasing in number and getting more severe as well. Development of LIF, PPS, SAI screw, and navigation systems make the operative options more diversified. Doubtlessly progressing unbalanced spinal deformity should be curved with operation. However, it is still not clear as for what kind of patients, by what kind of operative procedures, and how much of correction should be achieved and finally what should be aimed for. Even if less invasiveness has advanced, operative treatments for adult spinal deformity are remained relatively highly invasive. Even after successful operations we still have unsolved many problems such as correction loss and rod breakage due to delayed union inside the fusion area, besides, PJK (kyphosis deformity due to discopathy and fracture or neuropathy) out of fusion area, which is getting more severe with more kyphosis correction. At the end, even if the alignment inside the fusion area is improved, the balance of the whole spine is getting worse, instead, not in few cases. So we would like all of the speakers to disclose advantages and disadvantages in each way of thinking or method and discuss on what kind of procedure is ideal in this international symposium.


International symposium 2 on 23 Sept. (Saturday)

Surgical management and prevention of vertebral artery injury

Dr.Masakazu Takayasu(Aichi Med.Col.Nagoya)

Dr.Akiyoshi Yamazaki(Niigata Central Hosp.Spine Center,Niigata)


Dr.Masashi Neo (OsakaMed.Col.Osaka)

Dr.Masashi Yamazaki (Chikuba Univ.Ibaragi)

Dr.Masakazu Takayasu (Aichi Med.Col.Nagoya)

Dr.Masaki Komiyama (Osaka Med,Center,Osaka)

Peter Vajkoczy(Charite Univ. Berlin)

Federico P. Girardi (Hospital for Special Surgery, NY)

Purpose of Symposium 2

President Dr.Akiyoshi Yamazaki,

We, especially Orthopaedic spine surgeons, would like to ask Neurosurgeons to teach risk management in case of VA injury. The territory of Orthopaedic spine surgeons is usually limited up to foramen magnum. And after VA injury, infarction will occur inside the cranium. So Orthopaedic spine surgeons must refer the management of injured VA, such as direct repair or coiling for pseudo aneurysm to Neurosurgeons. Orthopaedic spine surgeons usually do not have sufficient experience and knowledge regarding evaluation and risk management of the circle of Willis right from the start and have to depend on Neurosurgeons after all. So we would like to project this innovative international symposium which should be gainful to all of participants.